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Hi, my name is Thomas, welcome to my birding website. Feel free to ask any bird related questions thomas@jaxbirding.com, if you are birding in Jacksonville area. I am also available for hire throughout the week as a Jacksonville Bird Guide. Thank you again for visiting my website and have a great birding.

Bird Photos

Snow Geese - 3-25-2015, Huguenot Park
Snow Geese
Huguenot Park - March 25, 2015
Nelson's Sparrow - 3-20-2015, Theodore Roosevelt Area
Nelson's Sparrow
Theodore Roosevelt Area - March 20, 2015
Saltmarsh Sparrow - 3-20-2015, Theodore Roosevelt Area
Saltmarsh Sparrow
Theodore Roosevelt Area - March 20, 2015
Seaside Sparrow - 3-20-2015, Theodore Roosevelt Area
Seaside Sparrow
Theodore Roosevelt Area - March 20, 2015
Clapper Rail - 3-20-2015, Theodore Roosevelt Area
Clapper Rail
Theodore Roosevelt Area - March 20, 2015
Pine Siskin - 3-8-2015, Julington Creek Preserve
Pine Siskin
Julington Creek Preserve - March 8, 2015
Western Kingbird - 3-3-2015, Huguenot Park
Western Kingbird
Huguenot Park - March 3, 2015
Sedge Wren - 3-3-2015, Fort Carolina
Sedge Wren
Fort Carolina - March 3, 2015
Baltimore Oriole - 2-26-2015, Jacksonville Zoo Picnic Area
Baltimore Oriole
Jacksonville Zoo - February 26, 2015
Pileated Woodpeckers - 1-22-2015, Blue Cypress Park
Pileated Woodpeckers
Blue Cypress Park - January 22, 2015
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  • Updated: March 26, 2015

Rough-winged Swallows (#172) in Hanna Park this morning. First sighting in this year. - March 26, 2015

Red-eyed Vireo (#170) was singing in Jacksonville Arboretum by the parking lot, first time heard them singing in this year. At Fort George Island I had Yellow-throated Vireo. Two Snow Geese where at Huguenot Park jetties. Odd place to see them mixed in with gulls. Also I saw in the same group my first two Sandwitch Terns(#171) - March 25, 2015

I got my first Ruby-throated Hummingbird (#169) at Blue Cyrus Park this morning. Also there were two Yellow-crowned Night-Herons - March 24, 2015

Pair of Wood Ducks at spanish Pond. - March 23, 2015

Sora was calling after sunset at Spanish Pond. Also heard Eastern Whip-poor-Wills 7:54pm and 8:10pm at distance. - March 21, 2015

Great morning for marsh sparrows at Theodore Roosevelt Area. Least 25 Seaside Sparrows (#166), 2 Nelson's Sparrows (#167) and 5 Saltmarsh Sparrows (#168). Check out my ebird checklist for photos. Weather conditions were perfect: very quiet, foggy and lots of gnats. - March 20, 2015

Eastern Whip-poor-Wills singing before sunrise also at Theodore Roosevelt Area. Started at 6:47 and the last one I heard 7:04. - March 18, 2015

I had Louisiana Watertrush (#164) this morning at Spanish Pond. They are going through our area now. After Spanish I went to Hanna Park and had 4 really bright Prarie Warblers(#165). Warblers are coming :) - March 17, 2015

Early in a morning before sunrise I went to Pumpkin Hill Preserve. First Eastern Whip-poor-Will (#161) started to call 6:50am, followed by other one. 10 minutes later Chuck-will's-Widow (#162) also called. All together I heard within 20 minutes 2 Whips and 3 Chucks. When I was about to leave also Northern Bobwhite (#163) called maintenance building territory. - March 16, 2015

Snow Geese (#160) continue at Imeson Rd field at westside. Three white and one dark morph. - March 8, 2015

Reddie Point had lots of birds this morning. I got 60 species. Wood Duck (#158) and Yellow-throated Vireo (#159) were new yearbirds for me. Yesterday I got also my first Barn Swallow (#157) in Hanna Park. - March 10, 2015

I found a new county bird for me, 2 Pine Siskins (#156) were at Julington Creek Preserve. Also I saw first Swallow-tailed Kite (#155) for this year there too. My first Painted Bunting (#153) for this year at Spanish Pond. Also I heard Sora (#154) at Spanish Pond. - March 8, 2015

Northern Parulas (#150) are back. They were singing all over the Reddie Point preserve. As I pulled into Reddie Point parking lot Sharp-shinned Hawk (#151) flow over, square tail clearly visible. At sunset I visited Theodore Roosevelt Area and found Great Horned Owl (#152) in its usual spot. - March 5, 2015

Western Kingbird continues at Huguenot Park. I saw the bird on top of shrubs near park entrance. Sedge Wren at Fort Carolina behind the fort. - March 3, 2015

First Purple Martin (#149) for this year at M&M today and Sheffeld Park had one Rusty Blackbird at the front trees. - March 1, 2015

Jacksonville Zoo had male and female Baltimore Oriole by the picnic area trees; new yearbird(#148) for me. - February 26, 2015

Three White-winged Scoters (#146) continues at Big Talbot Spoonbill Pond. Also Yellow-throated Warbler (#147) was at the Rebault Club; it was was still missing from my yearlist. - February 23, 2015

New yearbird Yellow-crowned Night-Heron (#145) at Ringhaver Park. - February 21, 2015

I went to Ringhaver Park this morning and had American Pipits(#143) at baseball field.
Afternoon I went to Hanna Park to do some seawatching. I found 2 Red-throated Loons(#144). Much smaller than Common Loon, body deeper in a water, small pointed little bit up-turned bill. - February 18, 2015

I went to T.Roosevelt at sunset to see if Great Horned Owl shows up, but no show tonight. On a way back I heard Eastern Screetch Owl calling. - February 12, 2015

Rare but annual Western Kingbird(#142) continues at Huguenot Park. Other new yearbirds for me were Piping Plover(#141) and 4 American Oystercatchers(#140). - February 10, 2015

First singing House Finch at Castaway Island this morning. - February 9, 2015

New yearbirds were Lesser Yellowlegs(#135) at M&M Dairy. Lots of Wilson's Plovers(#136) at Huguenot, Greater Scaup(#137) at Spoonbill Pond, White-crowned Sparrow(#138) at usual spot on Little Talbot Island, and Spotted Sandpiper(#139) by the Sandollar restaurant. - February 8, 2015

Leat 9 Rusty Blackbirds(#134) at the M&M Dairy today. - February 3, 2015

I was looking this morning for reported Pine Siskins at Seaton Creek Preserve but couldn't find them. Then I checked usual spot for Wild Turkeys and they were there. - January 30, 2015

Great birding this morning in Blue Cyress Park - 52 species within 2 hours. Lots of birds at the paved loop. Check out ebird checklist - January 22, 2015

Roseate Spoonbills are rare in January North East Florida but some birds stay over winter. Group up to 10 birds staying at Theodore Roosevelt marsh area now. - January 9, 2015

All day birding today. I ended up with 110 species. Here is my list with first sightings. - January 1, 2015

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