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Birding is fun

Birding is Fun!

POSTED: February 26, 2013

February is almost over, and spring is just around the corner. It's going to be fun time. Sure, any time is a good for birding - a spring, summer, fall or winter. Yeah, maybe not so much a summer, when birds are kind a quiet, busy with nesting, but you still can find plenty of birds out there, especially at the beach.

Some people may think, how bird watching can be fun, guess what, it is! Just try, it opens up all new world to you.

It's not that you go out to find birds just to enjoy watching them. There are a lot of different ways to have fun with birding. Most birders are also bird listers. You record what you see, and go out to find new birds for your list.

That brings simple bird watching up to next level, you become a birder. The better you can identify the birds the more interesting it gets. You trying to find birds you haven't seen yet, or haven't seen yet this year, or this month or this location.

You can start keeping your life list, your year list, your yard list or any other list, there are hundreds of ways to have fun with it. Also you can start comparing your list with other birders, have some fun competing each other.

One of the best birding tools out there is an eBird. It is a perfect way to keep your bird list, and compare it with others, and at the same time contribute data to science. Check it out, if you haven't done it yet. It changed my life, and it can change yours.

Birds draw different type of people together: bird watchers, scientists, photographers, conservationists, listers, bird artists, backyard bird watchers, people who enjoy birding together as a social event, and so on. Everyone can find something they like about the birding. I personally have all these categories, yeah maybe not bird artist or not so much for social birding, but still, more people, more eyes to find interesting birds out there.

Birding is fun because it is so easy, inexpensive, and you could find birds any time and anywhere. Just buy a good pair of binoculars, and the field guide, and you are ready to have some fun. Write down what you see, and look for more. Soon you'll find yourself drawn in, so that you want to see birds what you haven't seen yet, not this day, not this month, not this year or in your life. Birding is fun!

Keeping bird list has become so easy. You don't even need to carry the block note along to record the birds you see. You could just download phone app Birdlog to your phone, and you are set to record all the birds right on the field, when you see them and submit them in ebird. How easy is that!

Birding is also healthy hobby. It requires being outside in a nature. It is a good way to get yourself out of the house into fresh air. You'll get a double benefits, getting healthier, loosing weight and having fun at the same time.

Looking back in your life in any time, I can quarantee you will not say that you wasted your time at birding. You'll say: "That was Fun!"

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