jax birding


The goose is such a silly bird,
He waddles when he walks.
On top of that,
I'm sure you've heard
He hisses when he talks.

Of course, I know it is no use
To tell you not to be a goose.
I know that you would never be
A silly goose such as he.

by Alice C. D. Riley

Egyptian goose 12.21.2010 - Egyptian Goose (Alopochen egyptiacus )
I was out in my backyard when I noticed two new birds, which I never seen before, and they looked so different, really exotic.

I slowly moved and grabbed the camera, I was afraid to scare them away, but no worries, they didn't care about my presents. They did let me even take a pictures how close I want. That's for sure, these exotic birds are use do around a people.

Little research and I found the name for these exotic birds. They are domestic runaways of Egyptian Goose, but still very interesting to see them in a wild.

Two weeks later, these Egyptian Geese are still here. They decided to make this pond for their new home. Another new name for my life list.

Egyptian goose

Ducks are lucky
Don't you think?
When they want to
Take a drink,
All they do is
Duck their bill.
Doesn't matter
If they spill.
When they want to
Take a swim,
All they do is
Dive right in;
And they never
Seem to sink.
Ducks are lucky,
Don't you think?

by Mary Ann Hoberman

Ring-necked duck 11.17.2010 - Ringed-necked Duck (Aythya collaris )
As usually a flocks of mixed Mallard are swimming in pond, but at this time, one of them is different. It is much smaller than others, and the peek is black and in different shape, and every ones a while it disappers under water. What is it, a female Scaup? No, it is a female Ring-necked duck.

What she is doing here, all alone and looks so scared. Yeah, she is left behind when others flow away. Maybe she was wandering away, and when she returned all other Ringed-necks Ducks were gone. She was scared, what she should do, can't stay alone? Only flocks of Mallards are nearby. Little Ringed-neck swam close to them to see, if they were ok with her. Mallards are social birds, they don't care, one more or less...sure, stay here.

Now, every morning, when I go out, this little ducky is in my pond, usually with Mallard ducks. She is shy, but curious. She won't fly away when I approach, just disappears under water to find some food.

Ring-neck Ducks are diving duck, they can dive to find a food. Not like Mallards who just trying to reach to the bottom. It is kind of funny to watch how she disappears under water and after a moment pop-ups some were else. Who knows, maybe she will stay throughout the winter. Least I hope so.

Ring-necked duck

I am a hawk soaring
over the ground
keeping a watch for
things moving around.
Sometimes I sit
in a tree by the road
looking for mice
or a fat, juicy toad.

If I find something,
I'll be able to eat
But, if I don't...
once more I am beat.
Excuse me a moment,
I've sighted a prey!
Looks like I'll live
to see one more day.

by Terry Ann Braaten

Barred Owl 10.16.2010 - Red-shouldered Hawk (Buteo lineatus)
He is sitting on branch of the tree and waiting. Suddenly he lifts his head, moves little forward, and next moment spreads his wings, and slides down to the ground. He takes off again, and carries his pray away. It was a snake.

Sometimes he gets a lizard or dragonfly, but at this time, it was a snake. Yeah, it would be delicious to get some bird, but that's not so easy, they are fast.

Red-shouldered Hawk is regular visitor in my backyard. I can see or hear him almost every day. Usually he is accompanied by Blue Jays and Mockingbirds. These birds don't like him at all, they screaming and keep attacking to scare him away, but no response, hawk doesn't pay any attention of them.

He is not afraid me, I can walk right close and snap a picture. He knows, we both are on the same side, we love to watch nature. He's, to get a pray, and I am to get new bird to my birding list.

I am the eyes
And ears of night.
They say I'm wise -
I say they're right.

by Douglas Florian

Barred Owl 09.08.2010 - Barred Owl (Strix varia)
This morning I went out to my backyard, and up on a tree was one of my favorite bird - Barred Owl, sitting on a branch of the tree and looking me with his big around eyes.

Steering me a little while, he turned his head away, and didn't pay any attention about my presents there, like I didn't exist anymore, even when I was standing right under the tree.

I got the camera, snap some shots, and here it is, my friend Barred Owl, sitting on the branch of the tree, and watching me with his big shiny eyes. He looks smart. Hmmm... I wander, how smart?