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  • Common name:Bottlenose Dolphin
  • Scientific name:Tursiops truncatus
  • Family:Ocean dolphin family
  • Habitat:Shallow blackish inshore waters, lower reaches of rivers, ocean waters.
  • Breeding:1 young every 2-3 years
Raccoon Common Raccoon
  • Common name:Common Raccoon
  • Scientific name:Procyon lotor
  • Family:Raccoon family
  • Habitat:Woodsand scrub near water, towns
  • Activity:Mainly nocturnal but sometimes seen in daytime
  • Common name:Eastern Gray Squirrel
  • Scientific name:Sciurus carolinensis
  • Family:Squirrel family
  • Habitat:Broadleaf and mixed woods, esp. oak and hiskory, parks, towns
  • Activity:By day, year-around
Eastern Gray Squirrel Eastern Fox Squirrel
  • Common name:Eastern Fox Squirrel
  • Scientific name:Sciurus niger
  • Family:Squirrel family
  • Habitat:Nixed woods, esp. oak, pine, hiscory, cypress; mangroves
  • Activity:By day, year-around
  • Range:All Florida, ex. Keys
  • Common name:Eastern Mole
  • Scientific name:Scalapus aquaticus
  • Family:Mole family
  • Habitat:Fields, lawns, well-drained woods
  • Activity:Near dawn and dusk, year-round
  • Breeding:2-5 young born in tunnels April-May
  • Sign:Low rised ridges on soil surface
  • Range:All Florida, ex. Keys
  • Common name:Feral Pig
  • Scientific name:Sus scrofa
  • Family:Pig family
  • Habitat:Woods, shrub, swamps.
  • Activity:Day or night, year-around
Marsh Rabbit Marsh Rabbit
  • Common name:Marsh Rabbit
  • Scientific name:Sylvilagus palustris
  • Family:Hare and Rabbit family
  • Habitat:Fresh- and saltwatermarshes and swamps
  • Activity:Day and night, year-round
  • Breeding:Matesfrom February on; 2-5 young per litter, several litters per year
  • Sign:Trails in marshes. Tracks: hindprint about 3.5"
Nine-banded Armadillo Nine-banded Armadillo
  • Common name:Nine-banded Armadillo
  • Scientific name:Dasypus novemcinctus
  • Family:Armadillo family
  • Habitat:Woods, shrub, and fields with soft soil and rotting wood
  • Activity:By nightin hot weather, by day in cool; year-round
  • Range:All Florida, ex. Keys
  • Common name:Northern River Otter
  • Scientific name:Lutra canadensis
  • Family:Weasel family
  • Habitat:Clean rivers, wood-edged ponds and lakes
  • Breeding:1-5 young born blind but furned in March
  • Activity:Day or night, year-around
  • Common name:Red Fox
  • Scientific name:Vulpes vulpes
  • Family:Dog family
  • Habitat:Wooded and brushy areas
  • Activity:Day or night, year-around
  • Common name:Virginia Opossum
  • Scientific name:Didelphis virginia
  • Family:Opossum family
  • Habitat:Woods, watersides, farms, towns
  • Activity:Intensely active day and night, year-round
  • Breeding:1-14 (avg. 8) pea-size young attach themselvs to nipples in mother's pouch for 2 months; 2-3 litters per year
  • Common name:White-tailed Deer
  • Scientific name:Odocoileus virginianus
  • Family:Deer family
  • Habitat:Broadleaf and mixed woods and edges, hammocks, fields, swamps, marshes.
  • Activity:Day and night, year-around