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Thomas - Jacksonville birder

If you are looking for a bird guide in the Jacksonville area, you've come to the right place. It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or an advanced birder; I can help you find the birds you're looking for.

I started birding when I was a teenager, over 40 years ago, back in Estonia. Since April 2000, I've been living in Jacksonville.

I charge a flat fee of $200, regardless of the number of people in a group. I can pick you up and provide transportation or meet you at the park.

I'm easy-going and knowledgeable, and I'll ensure your birding day is both fun and memorable.

If you would like to book a tour, please email me at thomasrohtsalu@gmail.com or call me at (904) 536-8019 for more information.

Thank you,
Thomas Rohtsalu


- Kerry

An incredible day birding, Thomas. Thank you for taking the time to bring an extra pair of binoculars so a friend could come along on today's outing. You not only helped further my interest in bird watching but introduced me to the best birding areas around in this area. Lots of birds, great day and lots of laughs.


- Mary D.

Thank you, Thomas, for an outstanding morning of birding last week! We saw over 60 species, and you found many of the birds I needed for my life list, including: Reddish Egret, Tricolored Heron, Sandwich Terns, Roseate Spoonbill, Ruddy Turnstone, and many, many more. You are so knowledgeable and quick with the scope, it made the birding effortless and fun! We covered a lot of territory on the barrier islands and found shorebirds, woodland birds, and others. It was awesome! You really know the area and your ID skills are truly the best I have seen. I will recommend you to my friends who are heading to FL. Hope to see you this winter for another day of birding when we return to FL. Thanks again!

Mary ~ Pennsylvania

- Daryl Bo

Fantastic day birding with Thomas! June is not the ideal time to bird Florida, but I was coming down from Michigan and hoped to make the most of it. I sent Thomas a "needs" list, and he went through it, marking each bird as *hopefully yes* *maybe* or *probably not* in terms of likelihood (though there are no sure things in birding. He then devised a plan of attack for us intended to nail as many of those birds as possible. Starting at 6:00am, we birded hard for 14 hours in the hot Florida sun (90°+ all day). Our efforts were rewarded with 90 species seen, including 22 Life Birds for me - all 16 of the birds he marked "hopefully yes" plus 4 of the "maybe" birds and two others not listed. Thomas truly knows the birds and birding hotspots of the Jacksonville area. We had a great time, saw a ton of good birds, and forged a birding friendship along the way that I know will last.
Thanks, Thomas!

-Daryl ~ Michigan

- Jonas

Terve Thomas! It was a great day with you in the field! The hot weather and the non-optimal birding conditions of a Mid-August-day didn't keep us away from awesome observations of seabirds like Royal Tern, Brown Pelicans and warblers as Prairie, Prothonotary and Northern Watertrush in the morning, nice Shorebirds including Black Skimmer, Wilson's Warbler, surplus a large number of Florida specialties as great number of Herons, Wood Stork and White Ibis. Ending the day with nine Limpkins emphisis the success of this perfect day! Thank you very much, it was great birding with you!

- Gary Nussbaum

Sharon and I thoroughly enjoyed two days of birding with you in the Jacksonville area. With both your own knowledge and information you gather from your network of fellow birders, you knew which birds were likely to be seen, and where. Our highlights included: a very close up view of Nelson’s, Seaside and Grasshopper Sparrows; a variety of Warblers, including the Yellow-throated and Northern Parula; and Snow Buntings (believe it or not). Thanks for accommodating our schedules, as we were working around a conference schedule. We look forward to birding with you again when we are in the Jacksonville area.

Thanks again! Gary